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Today morning, I would like to share some important and interesting issue or article to all of my friends especially who’s going to plan to have a baby in their life [oops!must married first before pregnant 🙂 ] Who haven’t yet married (still single like me, Wink*)but have a good plan to have a baby after married,this article also useful for us.

Do you know, our diet can determine the gender of fetus. from my opinion after I read the article, may be definitely yes. it is because, all of our diet intkake can influence health.but not forgotten also environment n behavior also may cause determine health status in human being.

YES! I strongly believe, all of it from ALLAH. ALLAH MAHA AGUNG. That’s why ALLAH create an important thing —-> MIND or AKAL for human to think. ALLAH give us AKAL to think, to investigate, to search, to google all of wonderful thing that He create to us. ALLAH give us Al-Quran and Al- Sunnah for us to go through our life from “dunia’ to “akhirat”.

ok, the article I put in the “LAMAN”. to read more detail about the issue, just click the title in the “LAMAN” (The title for the article is GENDER OF THE PREGNANCY)

(ruang “LAMAN” tu ade kat sebelah kanan”)scroll down ruang kar sebelah kanan,gerenti ada).




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